Scelgo che?

Scelgo il dolore di un amore che non corrisposto?

Scelgo la tristezza di un cuore spezzato,


No, non posso resistere cui,

Non più,

Non voglio perdermi nei questi bui

Non voglio perdere la mia anima,

Né tantomeno la virtù.


Scelgo che?

Scegli l’amore!

Scegli il cuore!

Scegli il rischio!

Scegli il fiore!

Prima del momento in cui il tuo essere




Smears as black as coal

Boil wickedly across the canvas of her skin,

Splattered in the sinful pattern

Of two hands,

As lips begin to twin,

Burning, scalding, scorching and consuming

Shredded fragments of raw flesh,

As they kept spewing

Fire, flames, embers and warmth,

The rhythm of his moves

Broiling her with scorn,

With nauseous want,

The toxic pitch corroding through her bones,

Melting painfully away

The few scraps of her bruised and fragile core.

Yet she stays silent,

Staring at the ceiling of her cage,

Hollow eyes concealing

Pure and simmering white rage,

As two hands move and touch

The soft canvas of her skin,

Leaving behind them

The traces of a soul that had once been.

A Madman with Feelings

Oh, how tragically beautiful shine the crimson beams of ardent light, the sun fading away on the horizon, sinking deep under the sea, under the weight of the forthcoming night. The madness in his eyes gleams in the holy luminescence of the moon, reflecting silver rays of lost souls and their doom. He caresses the sand, the water and the waves, the black top-hat on his head obscuring his gaze as pristine teeth glisten in a wicked smirk. Her shadow lays before his eyes clad in the white gown of the gods, sticking to the soft, smooth canvas of her skin, painted with the stains of sinful blood. He laughs… a hollow laugh it seems to be, yet the smile on his face and the pain do contradict in the same way their happiness, their rage and toxic love did before they hid. He glances at his hands, smeared with scarlet liquid as it drips on sand, the beating heart rests at his feet. The madness illumes again, along with its faint beats. He crushes the frail thing right then, with no damn thought, the lifeless body of his maiden dissipating to the stars, welcoming the ichor of divinity as he is left alone once more, with all ghosts of the past, his madness and her murdered scorn.

Light My Cigars With Your Gun

Soulless eyes

Stare vexingly right through each other,

The acrid stench of burning flesh

Clinging to the charcoal smother,

As caustic surfaces of ash and embers crackle,

Chortling, singing sniggers to the gun they cradle.

One step, two steps,

They’re circling each other,

Those soulless eyes

Twinkling, dancing with a shadow,

Fingers reaching for the lighter,

Trembling, pulling the harsh trigger,

The cigars of a bygone life begin to shatter,

As soulless eyes

Continue staring at each other.

Cigarettes Are Poems for The Ones Who Never Know

Cigarettes Are Poems for The Ones Who Never Know

Soft vapors of smoke cloud my heart and eyes,

A lonely tear, a grievous sigh,

Smothered slow,

They die…

As sparks of light start littering the sky…

Small bursts of fire, miles away,

They shine.

I stare, inhale, exhale, and wail,

You left, I hushed,

Fleetingly, painfully, withering away.

The shy moon glows,

The embers float,

The silver light turns grey the noxious smoke…

Inhale, exhale,

Five cigarettes have burned,

Five tales of love,

Five poems for the scorned,

The churned,

The ones like me,

The ones who don’t know how to pray,

The ones who never know

How to love

Or what to say.

Viennese Waltz

One step, spin, one step, spin, the silent breath of darkness wheezing past deaf ears as bony fingers grasp my pallid hand. You pull me close, tight against your solid ribs, the hollows of your eyes boring into me. I look at you, you look at me, it’s almost love. I feel complete. You smile, and it’s so sweet, luring me to you, into your trap, but I don’t care… because it’s peaceful, so, so peaceful where we are… no pain, no sorrow, no anger, no regret, we are so far. I look at you as we are spinning, the light dims more, the stage is narrowing. And now I wonder “Should I be leaving?” You know my thoughts… of course you do… you’re you, but you say nothing. This is my fight. Yet I am weak and your peace stronger, we spin and spin as we go further, away from my world, closer to the other.

One step, spin, one stept, spin, we’re spinning through eternity. You look at me again, and you are pensive… almost sad. You wait for something… even I do not know what. The spins get slower, melancholic, my eyelids feel so heavy “Am I fading?” my limbs are numb, so numb… You smile… it’s not sardonic, it is warm. We stop. The light envelops only us, a spark into the darkness. You pull me in… and we embrace… you caress my pale cheeks and so I say “I’m sorry… but it is enough… I’ll dance with you, but not this waltz.”